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Dec 24, 2014

Video Highlights From a Busy, Busy Year!

2014 was an amazing year for us, and we've put up a video showcasing highlights of our prop, display and scenic projects from this year. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a happy start to 2015!

Custom Sculpture, Statues, Mannequins, Movie Prop Displays and Restoraion

Movie Inspired Living

At Tom Spina Designs, Inc. we draw inspiration every day from our shared passion for our favorite films.

Our artists have a wide range of talents and can offer everything from portrait sculpture, busts & masks to custom fabricated mannequins, statues, signs, furniture, decor and theme props of all sizes or even entire themed rooms and home theaters.  

From wax museum style mannequins, to bronze busts, to giant carved foam characters or environments, TSD can help bring your vision to life.

We have also done groundbreaking work preserving and restoring television & film props and foam latex costumes and masks.  Our unique techniques make use of archival quality materials and our signature balanced approach to restoration maintains the integrity of these important artifacts of film history, making us the go-to source for those looking for conservators for their precious collections. 

For the collector looking to show off their otherwise difficult to display items like original movie props, film wardrobe and or masks, look no further. TSD can design and create themed or museum style displays and mannequins that will make your pieces of film history shine!

The company made internet waves with our infamous Han Solo in Carbonite Desk and has become known for our authentic recreation of Star Wars characters for Volkswagen's 2012 Super Bowl commercial as well as our work with Walt Disney Imagineering, Sideshow Collectibles, Six Flags and others.

Best of all, our New York studio's custom sculpture and display services are available to everyone. We create our artwork for businesses, home theaters, museums, restaurants, themed attractions, haunts and even private collectors.

And don't miss our STORE where you’ll find flocked styrofoam display heads, unique display heads, busts and helmet stands, some of our most asked about theme props, characters and furniture!

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Contact us today to discuss your commission to create highly unique sculpture, furniture, characters, and art for your trade show, home theater, business, theme park or private collection. 

We're also available to perform extremely specialized restoration and display work for museums and collectors of original movie props and wardrobe.

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movie prop and sculpture newsletter

December 1, 2014

Original Michael Myers Mask Prop Restoration

Don Shanks, who portrayed Michael Myers in Halloween 5, entrusted us to repair and conserve the mask he wore in the film. Our Movie Prop Mask Restoration page has pics, and there's a video to our Youtube Channel.

Don Shanks original movie prop mask conservation

December 6, 2014

Custom Mannequin for 13 Ghosts Pilgrimess

We've added an amazing display for "The Pilgrimess" to our gallery of custom mannequins for 13 Ghosts movie costumes.  And check out the video to our Youtube Channel!

13 Ghosts Pilgrim costume and lifesized statue

December 11, 2014

TSD appears on DIY Network Man Caves!

Our team was recently featured on an episode of Man Caves, where we built a bronze statue of Jeff Ross for the comedian's New York City apartment. We had a blast on the show and the star was blown away by our work!

TSD sculptors on DIY network show

Dec 18, 2014

Foam Rock/Cave Props for NYC theming

You'll find faux stone foam scenic cave stalactite and stalagmite props in today's update to our theme props and foam carving page. These sculptures were created for a NYC business for window display and interior decor.

NYC foam carved cave theming - EPS coated in Polyurea
movie prop restoration and displays from 2014

Jan 14, 2015

Check us out on Instagram!

Happy 2015 to all! Want a new way to share in the fun we have here at the studio every day? Love behind the scenes pics of movie props and people making amazing art? Follow our Instagram feed today!

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SPOTLIGHT - News & Updates

Jan 25, 2015

Hello? Is this the sculpture you're looking for?

This was FUN! A wax candle recreation of the blind-student sculpted bust from the Lionel Richie video, "Hello." The intentionally goofy sculpture is mid-way down our sculpture page in the "Realism and Likeness" section.

Hello music video blind student sculpture

Feb 2, 2015

Custom sports mannequin for a NYC retail display

Our Custom Mannequins and Costume Displays gallery has been updated with a custom sports mannequin made in a super dynamic pose for a popular NYC retailer. Don Bies and the White Room Artifacts crew worked on this with us.

dynamic posed mannequin for retail display

February 15, 2015

Star Trek Next Generation Mask Prop Restoration

Visit our Movie Prop Mask Restoration page for a look at our work restoring the "El-Adrel IV Creature" prop head used in the iconic Star Trek, the Next Generation episode, "Darmok"

El Adrel IV creature movie prop

Feb 22, 2015

Foam Tyrannosaurus Red Head for Museum

A lifesized Tyrannosaurus Rex head prop, hand carved from foam for a museum display has been added to our theme props and scenid page. This unique 1/2 head fit our client's budget and maintained big impact!

Tyrannosaurus Rex exhibit prop for sale

Feb 28, 2015

Custom Mannequin and Case for Frank the Bunny

A custom display for the original costume worn by one of the creepiest characters in modern movie history, Frank the Bunny from Donnie Darko has been added to our Custom Mannequins and Costume Displays gallery.

customized mannequin body and acrylic case for movie costume

March 7, 2015

Custom Lifesized American Werewolf PUPPY!

Here's a truly unique life-sized prop - An American Werewolf in London... transformed into a puppy!. We were thrilled when we were asked to bring this concept to life and created a hyper-realistic interpretation of the classic film wolf!

lifesized prop silicone statue puppy

March 14, 2015

Fright Night 1985 Prop Display

We recently created a neat little display and acrylic case for Chris Sarandon's character, Jerry Dandridge's prosthetic claws from the classic 80's horror movie. Visit our movie prop displays gallery for a pic!

Prop claws worn by Chris Sarandon as Jerry Dandridge

March 23, 2015

MULK? Turning a Tattoo Into a Sculpture!

Another fun project for our sculptors. Patrick Louie created this faux bronze statue of a "MULK" or Minion-Hulk! This was sculpted as a gift from a client's wife, who asked us to recreate her husband's tattoo as a statue! More pics in our "Bronze and Classical Sculptures" section.

Mulk custom gift statue

March 29, 2015

Custom Museum Mannequin for Star Trek Costume

We've added a custom mannequin for Data's costume from Star Trek the Next Generation to our Custom Mannequins and Costume Displays gallery. This one's in a clean, museum style with a metal laminated themed base.

museum figure for Brent Spiner original wardrobe